Never ones to shy away from colour, the editors of Coastal Lifestyle are big believers in bold artwork. We love splashes of colour, in tropical beach and relaxed country homes, and to bring light and brightness to inner city dwellings. One of our favourite new artists is Australian Amanda Brooks, and her big bold artwork for your home.

Amanda’s artwork is contemporary, colorful, and super-bold. Massive canvases are vibrantly splashed and textured using a mix of acrylics, ink washes and oils to get Amanda’s signature look. Amanda’s love of nature, music and the coast are reflected in her pieces. From her whimsical birds and animals, abstract contemporary florals,ocean pools to her compositions of beautiful bowls, fruit, and kitchen finery, Amanda’s work captures light and form in a breathtaking manner. We especially love her whimsical cows, floating hummingbirds and fresh florals.

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Bold Artwork by Amanda Brooks


Amanda Brooks Seascape

The blue landscape is the perfect coastal artwork for a bedroom to provide soothing tones whilst remaining bold. Amanda Brooks ocean seascape is a cooling piece of artwork for your bedroom or living space.


Amanda Brooks Floral Artwork

Romantic roses in a bowl are a modern testament to the traditional still life floral. The pretty pink tones in this rose artwork by Amanda Brooks bring a soft touch to a living space or bedroom.


Amanda Brooks Blue Birds Artwork

The blue birds in this elegant yet modern artwork bring a pop of blue to a neutral background. Used in the bedroom, the colours are bold but soothing at once.


Amanda Brooks Hydrangeas Artwork

Bringing hydrangeas and lilies in bold blue vases into your colourful artwork makes a bold statement in a living area. Perfect for a Hamptons decor, this bold, colourful artwork is chic, modern and feminine.


Amanda Brooks Coastal Artwork

Soothing beach flowers lead down the path to the ocean in Amanda Brooks’ muted seascape piece. The perfect artwork for your living space in a coastal home.


Amanda Brooks Bull Artwork

This trio of bulls makes a bold statement in this dining room space. Perfect to bring an air of the country to your coastal residence, this bold artwork by Amanda Brooks is the perfect piece for a relaxed space needing a pop of boldness.


Amanda Brooks Native Floral Artwork

An Australian classic, bringing together natives in a floral artwork, this elegant floral colourful artwork is perfect for coastal living spaces.


Amanda Brooks Still Life

A still life with real boldness, this bright and colourful artwork shows pears reflected in the sunshine. Add more colour and spark to your living spaces with a bold piece like this one by Amanda Brooks.


Amanda Brooks Muted Floral Artwork

A more muted choice for when you have bold furnishings like this space, the still life floral in white and greys still holds your attention but does so without screaming at your guests.


Amanda Brooks Bold Artwork of a Bull

Another nod to the country, this bull looks relaxed, perfect for a muted grey bedroom. This bold artwork by Amanda Brooks is a gorgeous piece to add personality and style to your living space.


Amanda Brooks Bold Artwork of Lilies

Lilies in a bowl with a backdrop of turquoise and linen, this elegant yet bold artwork by Amanda Brooks is the perfect piece for a large space.


Amanda Brooks Blue Artwork

A bold artwork choice for a bedroom, the soothing colours of this blue and silver artwork by Amanda Brooks bring soft elegance to your dreamy space. A large piece that captures your attention as you enter the room, the blue and green tones of turquoise, aqua, seaspray and navy are gorgeous together in this bold artwork.


Amanda Brooks Magpies Artwork

A classic bold artwork choice for an Australian living space, the magpies in this piece are a reminder of our Australian youth.


Amanda Brooks Bold Artwork of Cockatoos

Bring a big bold pop of colour to your living space with these cockatoos by Amanda Brooks.


From a family of artists, dancers and musicians, Amanda started her career as a graphic designer, moving on to teaching painting. Her attention to detail and love of colour, texture and layers reflects her innovative use of materials and composition. Amanda’s pieces are quickly becoming collectibles – being represented in private collections throughout South-east Asia, Europe, the United States and Australia. The gorgeous pieces can be purchased from her website and shipped all over the world.

Bold Artwork at Coastal Lifestyle

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