A coastal classic home with a gorgeous view to the water is what we’re coveting today at Coastal Lifestyle.  This elegantly relaxing coastal house includes white, soft blue, panelling, and all the hallmarks of a classically coastal home, for relaxing, living, entertaining and vacationing.  Styled by interior designer Lisa Publicover, and based in Annapolis, Lisa is renowned for her classic designs that bring beautiful detailing and rich styling to homes in the local area.  This elegantly classic coastal home is no different and is a gorgeous example of a coastal home – let’s take a look around.

Classic Coastal Home – A Tour

Coastal Classic Home Bath | Coastal Lifestyle

The gorgeous bath is located as the centrepiece of the bathroom, with a view to die for, in this classic coastal home. The chic and simple chandelier alongside the classic fittings in white and powder blue, make this coastal bathroom the ultimate space to relax with a good book and a glass of wine.

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Coastal Classic Home Bathroom | Coastal Lifestyle

Pulling back, you can see the elegant bathroom cabinetry includes white panelled draws, mirrors and glass handles – the perfect combination of easy on the eye coastal classic bathroom design.


Coastal Classic Home Lounge | Coastal Lifestyle

This casual lounge setting is begging you to grab a great book and a cup of tea and relax in style. Looking out towards the water, and over the outdoor space, the large and deep couches are generous in size and comfort.


Coastal Classic Home Dining Space | Coastal Lifestyle

The gorgeous dining room shows the combination of a simple chandelier atop a French design dining table. The gingham curtains and panelled French doors leading to the outdoor space makes this dining room the perfect space to entertain.


Coastal Classic Home Casual Dining | Coastal Lifestyle

The casual dining room is a country/ coastal design classic with white timber chairs and occasional cushions. The marble benchtop in the kitchen brings rich elegance.


Coastal Classic Home Formal Dining | Coastal Lifestyle

Showing the formal dining room, the pretty French chairs are the centrepiece of design. Inbuilt cupboards bring more design classics to this beautiful coastal home space.


Coastal Classic Home Entranceway | Coastal Lifestyle

The entranceway to this Classic Coastal Home shows the combination of dark, warm timbers and white panelling to bring elegance to the design.


Coastal Classic Home Kitchen | Coastal Lifestyle

The Classic Coastal Home kitchen is a gorgeous nautical inspired space. Bringing together classic country design with coastal aesthetic, the white panelling, intricate detail of the marble benchtops and the silver pendant lights hanging from white panelled ceilings brings a classic coastal vibe to this kitchen space.


Coastal Classic Home Kitchen | Coastal Lifestyle

Showing the turquoise chairs and pops of blue, this classic coastal kitchen is the perfect combination of hues for a waterside home.


Classic Coastal Home Design | Coastal Lifestyle

Inbuilt storage and display areas with classic panelling design brings practicality to this beautiful space. Over the fireplace and beside the mantle, the designer brings warmth and style to the classic coastal home.


Classic Coastal Home Interior Design | Coastal Lifestyle

Soft blues and yellows against white is the perfect combination for a coastal home.


Classic Coastal Home Colour Palette | Coastal Lifestyle

With a pop of turquoise and lime against the pastel blue and soft yellow, this combination is the perfect classic coastal interior design palette.


Classic Coastal Home Lounge Area | Coastal Lifestyle

The formal lounge, centered around the fireplace, had a gorgeous outlook across the grass to the water. The big French doors open out to the outdoor entertaining space making this a huge space for relaxing with friends and family.


Classic Coastal Home Design | Coastal Lifestyle

Soft blues, lime, pops of yellow, white and wicker all on top of dark, warm timber floors and tables. This combination of colours, designs, patterns and textures makes this a truly classic coastal home.


Classic Coastal Home Living Space | Coastal Lifestyle

Another living area shows the combination of country and coastal in a relaxed design. Floral design, linen and gingham in pastel blues and creams with a pop of soft lime bring this look together with a blonder timber.


Classic Coastal Home Master Bedroom | Coastal Lifestyle

The master suite has a heavenly view over the water and makes use of this with the classic French doors leading out to the balcony area from the master bedroom.


Classic Coastal Home Outdoor Space | Coastal Lifestyle

The outdoor entertaining area is enclosed for shutting in for inclement weather or opening up to the water breezes in the heat. The fans and wicker outdoor furniture choices make this space divine.

Classic Coastal Home | Coastal Lifestyle
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