Decorating in Turquoise is a favourite of ours at Coastal Lifestyle.  It reminds us of cool Summer breezes, holidays to the Amalfi Coast, bright skies over Byron Bay and the twinkling Bondi horizon.  Adding a touch of turquoise decor to your home if it’s coastal is virtually a given, but how do you bring a little bit of the seaside into your city abode or country house?  It’s all about adding turquoise as a splash.  An enhancer for your decor.  Not the main event.  To enhance greys, creams, copper and any shade of white, turquoise will calm and relax instantly.  Here are some of our favourite turquoise pillows, throws, pieces of art and decor items to bring in that splash of bluey-green sparkle to your home, no matter if it’s coastal, country or city.


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Decorating in Turquoise & Gold Colour Palette | Coastal Lifestyle

Decorating in Turquoise

Turquoise Accent Wall | Coastal Lifestyle

Adding a turquoise accent wall adds a splash of turquoise to your decor. The warm timber and white needs a lift and the turquoise decor, fabric and wall is perfect in this apartment space.


Turquoise Dining Space | Coastal Lifestyle

Metallic gold and turquoise are a classic combination for coastal homes, and this elegant dining space ramps up the metal! The gold ceilings, wallpaper and elegant design of this space is truly rich and beautiful.


Turquoise Entranceway | Coastal Lifestyle

Modern glamour is achieved in this entranceway with a gorgeously bright mural, bright artwork and design accents in turquoise.


Turquoise Living Area | Coastal Lifestyle

A richly decorated peacock living space brings together gold and turquoise, purple and lime green in an elegantly rich and warm entertaining area.


Coastal Turquoise Kitchen | Coastal Lifestyle

This coastal kitchen, living and dining space is perfect for entertaining and relaxing. Image: Architectural Photography.

Turquoise Decorating Ideas to Shop

















Decorating in Turquoise | Coastal Lifestyle

Find more gorgeous turquoise soft furnishings, artwork and decor at our current online shopping crush, Zanui.

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