Being a mum is one of the best feelings in the world. But with that said, it’s also a no easy task especially if you are planning weekend a trip. Most mothers put themselves last when it comes to holidays with the kids but that shouldn’t be the case. Mums also deserve to be fashionable, have fun and enjoy their precious time with their families on a vacation.

Busy mums have a lot of things in their mind from day-to-day and being fashionable for weekend should be a no brainer. Kaftans are made for that reason, to be the ultimate weekend fashion solution for busy mums!

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Kaftans for Mums we Adore

Kaftans for Mums

Reasons why kaftans are your weekend fashion solution.

Comfort- Being a busy woman, comfort should never be compromised. Since kaftans are made with very flowy and light material, it’s definitely a must have piece for any weekend getaway. You can definitely keep up with your kids or whatever task you need to do and be cozy and comfy at the same time.

Kaftans for Mum's Australia

Fun Prints – Nothing says fun more than colourful patterns and prints. Since kaftans are generally colourful dirt will not show off that easily on the fabric. Compared to wearing a tank top and a pair of shorts this will definitely level up mum’s fashion game.

Printed Kaftan

Fit for any occasion – Kaftans are very versatile since they can be worn as a dress and a bikini cover up in case you are at the beach. You can hit the party just wearing it and you are instantly fashionable.

Flatters all shapes and sizes- Women share the same sentiments, especially moms. When we wear a piece of clothing, we tend to hide our imperfections. Kaftans are made for everyone since it’s very flattering to all body types and skin complexion. You can never go wrong wearing one and be classy.

Space saving- When mom’s put their things together, the lighter the better. Since kaftans are made of light fabric you can just roll one up and toss a few of them in the bag and you are good to go.

Beach Kaftans

Here are just some of the reasons why kaftans should be the busy mom’s go-to weekend apparel. Not only that they are fashionable but it doesn’t compromise when it comes to comfort. It’s definitely a must have for all the mom’s out there. If you don’t have a kaftan yet check out Adrift for an amazing selection for your next weekend getaway.

What’s your weekend go to piece? Comment down below.

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Here are some kaftans for mums that we just adore:




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